Google Android 5.0 (Lollipop) Released

Google Android Lollipop
Google just released Android 5.0 SDK, called Lollipop.

For developers, this is the time to perform Q/A testing for your apps before the platform gets released sometime the first two weeks of November.

As noted on the Android Developers Blog, the following enhancements are included:

  • Material Design theme & APIs
  • Enhanced Notifications for your apps
  • Project Volta and Battery Historian for better power efficiency for apps
  • Enhanced app runtime with Android Runtime (ART)
  • OpenGL ES 3.1, Android Extension Pack & 64-bit support for better game & app performance

Another great feature is the introduction of Material Design – a user design philosophy for user interaction across devices.

Get started with the latest Android 5.0.

Oh and by the way, Google have open sourced 750 glyphs as part of Material Design system icons in 24px and 48px.  You could download the Material Design Icons 1.0 on GitHub.

Designing Web For Multi Screen Formats

With the ongoing speed of development on the mobile arena, more businesses are trying to cope with redesigning their web sites for their customers that are on-the-go.

There are several food for thought on the concept and design but basically it boils down to this – the web site needs to adapt to the customer expectation of how information should be presented on the device as to their needs.

Google has devoted a website to educate the consumers on what it takes to create or design a website for multiple devices on different orientation as well.

Think Multiscreens When Designing Web Sites

Making Your Website Work on Multiple Devices

Google’s Mobile Playbook

With the cost of internet on the mobile phones going down, the adoption rate of mobile activities such as search and shopping has been dramatic the last couple of years.

For small businesses, it’s not about just taking a peek at what the mobile platform can provide the business, it’s about how to GET started on this platform.

Google has published this ebook The Mobile Playbook. It’s a good read specially for those trying to find out more information on how to do mobile.

I have also included a post on Google+ about the playbook and you’re welcome to join the conversation.

Access Picasa The Old Way

For people who have been using Picasa on Google, you would notice that Google has redirected it to Google+. So for the die hard Picasa user who want to use it the old way, you could do it thru this link: (Access Old Picasa)

PS: Please note that once you use the previous way, it seems to save a cookie and would not open up Google+ Photos

Kudos to Lauren Crabbe for showing us how this tip.

Adwords List Building

After much anticipation, Simon Leung’s AdWords List Building Home Study Course is finally released!

Simon Leung, (in case you’ve never heard of him), is a retired AdWords Optimization Specialist straight from Google Headquarters!  Breaking away from his 4 and half years of internal experience inside the walls of Google, Simon finally releases his own new product, allowing us to discover the power of Internet Marketing combined with the use of AdWords traffic phenomena.

Simon actually shows you how with Google AdWords, he was able to build a huge list of targeted prospects at just 6 cents a click!   I was skeptical at first but to be able to show how it’s done is amazing!

In this book, Simon does a really good job taking the reader from the very beginning, by showing you the basic tools and strategies, to the more advanced strategies that will give you amazing results!

To make it more sweeter for those of us who have no time to read … there is also an audio version of the product so we could listen to the content while driving, working out, or taking a break.

There’s also bonuses with the package.  Also included in the AdWords List Building home study course are bonus advanced, instant profit, quality score and template editions, including some optimized website templates you can use for your own website!

I highly recommend it whether you’re a newbie, or someone who’s been in the internet marketing for some time now but have not tried using AdWords on their list building toolbox, AdWords List Building is worth checking out.

Be sure to check out the site and grab your own copy of AdWords List Building here…

AdWords List Building